Welcome to Wellness Pro Social!

Thank you for stopping by. Wellness Pro Social is here to provide you with social media posting for Wellness Providers 🙂

Businesses struggle to maintain a consistent presence online, understandably. You’re busy helping people improve their health and recover from the damage of neglected health.

While you’re taking appointments and maintaining the quality of your work, I will keep your social media feed up to date.

Do your customers ever have confusion about how your services work or how you can improve their specific ailment or weakness?

I specialize in working with wellness providers so I will help you explain it to them by meeting them where they are and speaking to them in their language.

The language of media!

I’ll use a mix of organic posts, educational posts, entertaining posts, direct-industry related content, fun GIFs and Memes, curated content from successful posts in your industry coupled with strategic follows and engagements to keep your brand consistent and optimally growing as well.

If you’re ready to take the leap and free up your time, CONTACT ME today to discuss your options or check out the SERVICES page for all the details on your 1st month special trial offer!